August 24 2014, 3am

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder || Closed RP with theprisoneroflife


It had been years since his death. Even so he remembered it vividly in his mind. The flash of heat from the magic that fatally wounded his mother, the burning pain of a dagger in his back, and the warm tears that dripped down his face as he was told by his mother that he should have never been born. The little boy inside of him had been consumed by that thought, made to be angry and hateful because the world had rejected him.


But in the back of his mind he had always feared for the third party involved in his and his mother’s melodramatic deaths. The little sister he hadn’t been given a chance to get to know well. The little sister that had stolen his heart just by being too young and innocent to have another agenda in befriending him. 

Oh how much suffering he had caused, before he was even old enough to realize how much one could suffer. Seles died alone because of him. Because in that time on Derris Kharlan he had forgotten his little sister.

Maybe he hated her.

Or maybe he really just hated himself.


Walking along, Zelos wasn’t paying any mind to those around him. He held flowers in his hand to visit his and his mother’s graves so he was more so lost in his thoughts regarding his death and Seles’s death.

Hearing the word brother, Zelos jolted a bit. Part of him assumed it was just some other kid calling out to their big brother, but another part of him knew that voice. Turning on his heel, Zelos stared at the small red head before him.



Was it chance or was it fate that let her be at the right place at the right time for her to ‘meet’ ‘Zelos’. Two words that she thought she wouldn’t use after such a long time. Well, she could only assume that this was Zelos; it had been… No, she wouldn’t have even known what he would have looked like. Her imagination wasn’t that good for her to even think of how a dead person would have to look like at an older age, were they still alive.

But what good was it to imagine about someone who no longer roamed the same plane that the living did? It was useless.

Useless useless useless…

Seles merely shook her head, driving that away from her mind while killing/cancelling out the magic she had conjured for the ice to even appear, although unintentionally.

(Had she cancelled it out due to shock? Fear? Worry? It was impossible to tell at the moment.)

The guy knew her name. He responded to the title ‘big brother’. Then it was safe to assume he truly was Zelos, right?

Hah. If it had been that easy.

"How… Why… You were… But…"

So many things could have been asked, but the pacing was all too fast for her to be unable to say what she had wanted.

With someone who was supposedly dead in front of you, what can you say with a straight face?

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August 24 2014, 3am

tfw you’re too lazy to use icons despite having the most appropriate icon

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August 24 2014, 3am

World Hopping || Closed RP with leogladium


It was never a good idea to leave Airey alone, especially when she was restless and bored. Especially as of late, when Airey knew that she didn’t exactly have the same skill set that she used to have, and therefore couldn’t really go exploring like she had before. Well, it wasn’t like that had stopped her before.

And the woods weren’t too far from the borders of the city gates or anything, so she would at least be able to get back before she got in too much trouble. It was just a matter of avoiding the local wildlife, something she was (somewhat) skilled at. Or at the very least she liked to think. Now it was just a matter of getting out of the city before her impromptu guardian spotted her leaving. Knowing Gideon, the man would stop her from leaving, if only because he would be afraid she would get hurt.

Well, that was the plan until she accidentally bumped into someone. She seriously needed to watch out where she was going more, instead of just wandering around aimlessly and not paying attention to her surrounding.


Airey quickly waved her hands and shook her head. “Oh, no! You don’t need to apologize Miss! This is totally my fault!” she exclaimed quickly. “I should have been watching where I was going! I’m sooo sorry!!!” Airey took a breath and glanced up. “Ah, anyway, are you ok?” 

It’s not as if the walking into had hurt; it was just the fact that these things were supposed to hurt, but it didn’t in the physical sense, yet it did in the mental sense. (So something like the placebo effect? But a negative version? Whatever.)

Dusting off the invisible dirt off her skirt, she simply nodded her head towards the other, continuing to insist that it was her fault despite the claim otherwise.

"Yes, I’m okay. Thank you for the concern." Seles finally said. "What about you, though? You’re not hurt in any way, I hope?"

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August 24 2014, 2am

Aselia Then and Now [Closed RP with cress-the-eternal-swordsman]


Cress looked at where Seles pointed ” oh mind if I join you for the walk there?” he asked figuring it’d be easier than her going alone , he still did have a lot to see of the distant past after all  

Seles blinked in surprise at Cress’s request. Well, she didn’t mind the company, but she couldn’t help but wonder why he’d want to go with her to a place as mundane as that.

"Sure, I suppose. Not sure why you’d want to, but I’m not going to stop you."

She finally said, shrugging her shoulders before heading to the very destination she stated, looking behind her back to see if the blond is following.

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August 24 2014, 2am

Visiting Days || Closed RP with angelusfallax


His head picked up, light blue eyes looked to the sky where not a single cloud blocked his view of the brilliant blue. Too many times had he made this trip to see his younger sister and with everything that happened- it wouldn’t be too long before they were together again. The time Zelos got with his sister was precious and yet he still managed to arrive later than usual.

As the abbey came into view, he couldn’t help but think about how much it reminded him of sort of tower dungeon. Those fairy tales about young princesses being kept away in a tower by their father… Well sometimes it just seemed like those fantasies were Seles’ reality. But then again, the princesses in those stories didn’t have an adoring older brother to keep them company from time to time.


A short chuckle escaped him as he saw his sister up in front of the abbey. She never let him forget that when he was late whether it be by a few minutes or a few hours. Obviously time moved much slower for her than it did for him. “Seles!” The crimson-haired man jogged up the hill to hug his little sister into his chest.

"Sorry I’m a little late, sis. I forgot how long it took to get here. Not to mention all of those damned monsters I ran into." He let his hand rise to her forehead and push back the hat and kissed the top of her head. "Ya miss me~?"

She smiled like a little child at Zelos’s kiss on her head, at his mere presence even, probably acting the part as well by giggling. If Seles were still acting the role where she despised every fiber in her brother’s being, she would’ve slapped herself for even acting out of her desires (?), instincts. But that act is no more. She can act more freely around Zelos; like a little sister with her big brother.

"What kind of question is that?" she said in between giggles "Of course I missed you!"

And she’d most likely say that again and again… Because it was true. She truly missed her dear brother.

"So, what’s new with you?"

The younger redhead couldn’t help but ask, curious about her brother’s supposed adventures. He is considered a hero now, along with his companions. Couldn’t hurt to ask, right?

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August 24 2014, 2am

wow lost a follower just when i said i needed 20 more.

whatever dude. have fun.

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August 24 2014, 1am

Red Red Red || Closed RP with reidhershelrp



Making his way through another unknown city he had become slowly aware of the sounds of the people around him, the more he walked through the city the more obvious it seemed that they were talking about him.

Simple glances at him suddenly turned into whispered remarks, Reid knew he dressed differently from them, well he knew he dressed differently to a lot of people but the more they whispered the more he was starting to feel a little self-conscious.

Keeping his head slightly lowered he felt it may be best if he found work quickly so he could have something to distract him from the peoples mutterings. However his plan was somewhat halted when a girl in a big hat stopped just a little ahead of him with a slight look of disappointment in her face.

Slowly raising his hand he waved to the girl.


From the way people had described him, it was evident that he was no Wilder. But still, her curiosity got the best of her, and her curiosity had disappointed her. This is sort of what she gets for putting her expectations high.

"H-Hello." Seles greeted as she waved back.


"Erm…  You look a bit lost… Do you need help?"

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August 24 2014, 12am

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August 17 2014, 11pm


sosososososososososososososorry!!!! x_x

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August 15 2014, 12am


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